Hello and welcome to my site!  


Hello and welcome to my little part of the world!

I've spent the last five years working as a children's illustrator, which began with my first picture book in 2009, for a small publishing house in Sydney. Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with some recognised publishing houses and hugely inspirational people along the way. 

Prior to dabbling in the world of stories and picture books I worked for another company that brought stories to the big screen using traditional animation. For six years I worked for Walt Disney Animation in Sydney with a fabulously mad group of talented artist on sequels to The Lion King, Peter Pan Return to Neverland, Lady and the Tramp and Jungle Book. Disney offered an intense 3-month training period as an entry level In-betweener. I gained most of my skills during this time, which has enabled me to illustrate fairly quickly using movement and expression.
Even with the intense training we had at Disney and the long hours of tedious work, I am still unable to draw a quirky mouse in trousers.

I work traditionally and digitally, though most of my projects have been created using traditional methods with pencil, ink and watercolours. 

I enjoy playing with humour and like to keep my characters fun and light hearted. My most recent series 'Lulu Bell' written by Belinda Murrell and published by Random House Australia, has been my most enjoyable series to work on. With the completion of book nine and four more in the series it's been a very rewarding project to add to my journey so far!