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“Imagination is the key to the stories we all have inside.”

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Ohhhh!!! Save the date!

If you are in Melbourne or Sydney you are invited to the launch of Rosie and Rasmus!! Times and activities to come!


News, news and more news!

Seven years ago I created a drawing of a young girl named Rosie and a wingless dragon named Rasmus. Little did I know, these two characters held a message of friendship that would one day become a picture book with one of the biggest publishers in the USA - Simon and Schuster.

Rosie and Rasmus is due for release in the coming weeks and there is plenty to prepare for! This has been a long journey from the early days of concept roughs and the support from my agent Jill Corcoran to write the story…with words. A wordless picture book wasn’t going to cut it and I am so glad we worked together to get this off the ground and in front of the US. Many, many people helped along the way, something I never realised would involve such a collaboration from so many friends and family.

Rosie and Rasmus has two book launches coming up in Australia.

May 11th - The Little Bookroom, Calrton North, VIC

May 18th - The Children’s Book Shop, Beecroft, NSW

More details to come!

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The Cat Agency - New Representing Agent

I am very excited and delighted to be joining the amazing Cat Agency along side some of the most talented illustrators around the world.

After five and a half amazing years working with Jill Corcoran Literary Agency, Jill closed her agency to work for Smithsonian. I won’t lie, I was gutted, I also may have cried when she told me her news (ahem…) So may opportunities came from this collaboration as Jill gently pushed me out of my ‘illustrator only’ shell to start a career in writing which I am forever grateful for.

Christy T. Ewers I am so excited to be working with you as I step into the next chapter of my career. You have such dedication, excitement and a contagious joy when you speak about the artists and writers you represent. I am very grateful I am also now one of them!

Check out some of the amazing artists The Cat Agency represents, you won’t be disappointed!